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Healthy exotic sparkling drinks . Well, it’s simple really. Each of our drink mixes contains nutrients from exotic fruits and unusual.


Exotic Shore is a line of healthy fizzy drinks that are specially produced with an exotic twist. We are on a mission to provide an assortment of thirst quenchers that are fit for consumption by everyone including even the most health conscious people. We simply want you to enjoy life and all its beautiful moments while staying hydrated through a drink that was made with your needs in mind.

Why Exotic Shore 

Turning every indulgence into an experience just like paradise.

Well, it’s simple really. Each of our drink mixes contains nutrients from fruits that are exotic and unusual. What this means is that with every sip you take, your body will greatly benefit from these ethically sourced and carefully selected fruits that will have you thinking of lounging by the seashore. Featuring natural ingredients with no artificial additives, what better way to enrich your life than through Exotic Shore!

And the taste, it is unbelievable; you will just have to experience it for yourself. Picture having a prime selection of healthy sparkling soft drinks to choose from to suit your mood, cravings, the weather, or even establishing your go-to favourite anytime, anywhere. Sounds exciting, right?

Our Inspiration

Now more than ever, we need to be aware of what goes into our bodies. This will not only help improve the quality of our lives, but this way, we are able to steer clear of lifestyle diseases that cause so much damage if left unchecked. It is for this reason that we sought to create a solution that offers a similar feeling to soda. Only now, you get to swap this with healthier alternatives. We do this to support those who are intentional about cutting back on unhealthy habits, preferring instead to embrace improved diets.

Moreover, we will be setting Exotic Shore up as a social enterprise in service to others. Our goal is to give job opportunities to those who are struggling to make ends meet including the disabled and homeless, allowing them to contribute to this amazing cause. Part of our proceeds will also be donated to help support organizations that are dedicated to helping the disabled and homeless.

Why we are here

We need your help to fund the realization of this great vision and to enable us to produce the first full batch of our authentic and richly flavoured healthy exotic fizzy drinks. Kindly stand with us in making this happen. Together, let us invest in the long-term health of our community.

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Yohan Fernando Lisbon රු758,962.00 March 25, 2023
Lions negombo Group රු25,000.00 August 02, 2021
Kevin Kumar රු15,000.00 July 09, 2021
Ganga Medani රු75,000.00 July 28, 2021
Osuka Sadun රු150,000.00 July 15, 2021
Hiran De Silva රු25,000.00 July 24, 2021


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