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Hi Everyone,

I am Ruwan Indika living in Thudella Ja-ela went to Christ King CollegeThudella. I am suffering from severe Osteoarthritis of both knee joints and hip. I can not walk now If I want to walk again I want both hip joints and both knee joints replacement. First I am having my hip replacement then knee replacement.

For Hip replacement, I need Rs.840,000 that I could not afford I lost my job because of this injury.

I’m unable to fund my treatment as it’s way beyond my finances. Please help me get done my hip joint bone transplant surgery to escape this pain by donating generously.


        Hip joint replacement is a surgical procedure:



This surgery is meant to replace damaged portions of the hip joint with higher functioning, prosthetic components.

Much like the shoulder, the hip operates as a ball-and-socket joint and is one of your body’s largest joints. The hip joint forms at the meeting place of your femur and pelvis, and encourages a wide variety of leg movements. A doorknob-like head to the femur fits inside a socket within the pelvis, known as your acetabulum. Both the end of your femur and the inside of your acetabulum are covered with smooth cartilage, which cushions the bones and enables mobility. Various ligaments strengthen and hold the joint together, while a thin cover-layer of tissue releases small amounts of moisturizing fluid to further eliminate friction. I needs the fractured hip joint bone replacement surgery urgently.



  The estimated cost for the treatment is around Rs 800,000.

  • Hip Replacement Surgery

    I had my hip replacement surgery on 29/06/2021. Thank you very much for all your valuable HELP.

Name Donate Amount Date
Muthu Warnakulasuriya රු20,000.00 June 08, 2021
Senarath Dewage රු100,000.00 June 20, 2021
Poornima Perera රු2,450.00 June 12, 2021
Randeer Fernando රු13,450.00 June 16, 2021
Wasanthi Italy රු17,150.00 June 14, 2021
Meril Asantha රු50,000.00 June 12, 2021
L.N.S Silva රු250,000.00 June 07, 2021
Sadun Wijesinghe රු200,000.00 May 21, 2021
Nuwan Manjula රු10,000.00 May 22, 2021
Premasiri Family රු3,000.00 May 22, 2021
Samanthi Kumari රු10,000.00 May 19, 2021
Anura Perera රු5,000.00 May 08, 2021
Sriyani Fernando රු10,000.00 May 08, 2021
Gauri Prabhani රු1,000.00 May 07, 2021
Dasuni Karunarathna රු5,000.00 May 07, 2021
Surendra Bade රු1,500.00 May 06, 2021
Roshan Warnakulasuriya රු15,000.00 May 04, 2021
Ruwin Thusitha Fernando රු10,000.00 April 07, 2021
Chathura K රු20,000.00 May 04, 2021
Lalantha L රු2,000.00 April 05, 2021
Poorna Sandaruwan රු25,000.00 May 03, 2021
Known Person රු3,000.00 May 01, 2021
Dissanayake Perera රු2,000.00 April 30, 2021
Shanaka Unantenne රු75,000.00 April 30, 2021
Senarath Rangana රු1,000.00 April 29, 2021
Tanuli Dasanya රු5,500.00 April 29, 2021


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